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Comparable to a real-life opera, which is made up by a multitude of sounds, tones and timbres, the designs we selected for our EarthWerks OPERA program span a wide range in type, colour and appearance:

The bold, natural effects of the Vintage/Vintage Floral and Wood Clasic designs, with their authentic look, are ideal for a interior where a "rustic" feel is called for.

The bridge between rustic and refined runs via Tripoli and Montana: the latter relays trough its design the comfortable, in use aspect of the plank, while Tripoli surprise by combining a semi-rustic look with an overlong sized plank.

We make a small side-step with ethnic look of the bamboo wood, continue with the long and flowing wood grain of the Palma plank, and come to a combination of a wood design pattern with earth colour tones. Six natural colour nuance make up the classy, sophisticated and harmonious look of the Terra line.

Finally, we arrive at the luxurious look of our Wood Antique range, a mixture of carefully selected  indigenous and exotix wood types.


The opera stone (concrete sky, cameo stone) and metal (cameo steel) tiles combnine all elements of contempory taste: the large, rectangular size of the tiles; the puristic, industrial look of concrete and the rough and wearthered feel of metal plate. Add to this a stylishly chic plain-coloured tile with a subtle, leather-like embossing (unisono) and the palette is complete.