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» » JUPITER (lames et dalles plombantes)

The product:


 - Completely loose lay! Absolutely no shifting or sliding, thanks to the heavy weight of the product and our special backing ( wave back).

 - High dimensional stability, thanks to the glass fiber reinforcement.

 - No click or interlocking system!

 - Easily removable and reusable, perfect for trade shows.

 - Low emissions, meets AgBB requirements, DIBt (Germany) and indoor air quality in France (A+ label).

 - Available in 10 beautiful designs: 6 wood designs in plank size and 4 stone designs in a tile format.

 - Exceptionally large plank size!

 - Cost-effective installation.




 - No adhesive required!

 - Fastest installation on the market, up to 50% of time saved.

 - Easy replacement or repair of single pieces within the room - as simple as picking up and laying the replacement down.


"Wave-back" technology